Upcoming Events..

Added two upcoming events to the Calendar, Pinball in Pelham 4 (Plus!) and of course, Southern Fried Gameroom Expo.

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Remember, SFGE is in July this year instead of June.

If you are planning on attending SFGE from the Gulf Coast, this year and want some help loading / unloading games - send me a message. I try to take an extra day or two off work to help all of the kiddos get loaded and unloaded for the trip and set back to their homes when done.

I believe we have a volunteer to drive up a U-Haul this year and their may be room on the truck for any that want to chip in. Ideally, I’d like it so the person renting and driving has their gas & rental covered for the trip. It’s the east we can do for being stow-aways on the journey. :)

Whether you are bringing a game or just interested in having a great time; if you have never been to SFGE, I highly recommend it! The organizers are some of the most awesome people you will ever meet and it is an epic weekend of gaming goodness and camaraderie.

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