Scared Stiff Progress

Scared Stiff cleaning and mods are coming along..  


Shopping List

Pinball Life Lit Flipper Buttons:
Mind Orbits / Cointaker Slow Color Changing Shooter:
New Lockdown Bar (Pinball life "Seconds"):
New Pinball Glass:
New Bat Ramp (LSOG):
New Bony Beast Ramp (LSOG):
New Crate Board:
New Dancing Boogies:
Robert Winter Dancing Boogie Extension Arms:
Robert Winter Skull Pile LED Eyes:
Scared Stiff Slingshot Plastics:
Clear Warm White Comet LED:
Flame Comet LED:
RGB Color Changer:
Clear Warm White Retro Cointaker LED:
Titan Pinball Glow Rubber Kit:
LED OCD Controller:
GI OCD Controller:
Power Splitter:
Power Tap:
LED Strip with Waterproof Coating:


I tried to "warm up" the tone of the pin. It already had LEDs but many were on the cool side of the spectrum.  I tried both the Cointaker Warm Retro and the Comet Warm 1SMD and found them to be identical to my eye.  Both are still a little brighter and blown out than I'd prefer.  I have a GI OCD kit to put in the pin, which will give me better control over the GI brightness.   Contemplated putting incandescents back in the GI, even.   So far, I don't hate it but I'm not 100% satisfied.   "Needs something".   The flame flicker bulbs maybe interspersed? It would be pricey and may not play well with GI animations in the game..

Custom Paint

 My friend, Nathan provided some inspiration with his background in imagineering-level yard haunts.   He showed me plastic skeletons that he had tea-stained and melted plastic to them to appear fleshy.    Googling some resources I found these helpful:


I re-strung the Bony Beast spine with thin picture-hanging wire and zip tied the LED strip at every vertebrae joint, pointing downward.  Use the waterproof-type LED strips, they are more sturdy because of the plastic casing.  I used Minwax Special Walnut Stain and a bristle brush.  A light coating of spray urethane to seal in the stain.   

Skull Pile

The game was wired for LED eyes in the Skull Pile plastic on the backboard but this was not included when the game shipped.    A mountain of hot glue later, it is mounted and installed.  I went a little overboard b/c the LED and wiring seem quite delicate and I don't want them moving.

IMG_5199 2.JPG

Other Stuff


The coffin door was a little fidgety.  The door pops open and the coffin inhabitant yells "boo!" and horizontally rotates to allow a ball to eject from beneath.  It would often hang open after ejecting a ball.   When another ball  ejects while the door is open, it ejects the ball over the lane guides into the drain.  I replaced the vertical hinge pin, straightened the horizontal hinge pin flaps and replaced the horizontal pin with a new one.

Finished it out with a color-changing LED spotlight on the sarcophogus face.



Addendum 2/18/2019 - Powering the LEDs on the beast ramp


Power from a DK Power Tap to an 8-way splitter and we power the LED controller from that splitter. (roughly 12v)