RetroAdvance, Update


Non-existent support but still a cool little device.


As previously mentioned, my Retro Advance arrived with a pretty big flaw. Not being able to maintain power with the battery compartment door on the game was a pretty limiting.

I reached out to support via email, Facebook and a webform. Unfortunately, no one responded.

I worked out a fix ( in my case) by removing the back (just a couple small screws) and re-seating the battery pins on the PCB. I also added a dab of hot glue on the back of the connector pad to give it additional rigidity and keep it from moving under the pressure of the battery springs.




At the end of the day, this $40 toy hit the nostalgia spot on design. Pretty cool “chill and play” size and a nice walk down memory lane. Even if it is a probably-not-properly licensed knock off from a what appears to be a fly by night company.

My general thoughts summarize as:


  • Very good screen brightness

  • Pretty cool game list

  • Decent button-feel

  • Extra style points of the knock-off Gameboy design


  • Slow shipping

  • Non existent support

  • ‘Meh’ off angle screen viewability

  • Dumb boot up menu language selector

  • Questionable Durability