Halloween Party 2016

A quick clip showing some of the awesome level of activity from our Halloween block party / outdoor movie.

Full clip of some of the video feeds from the gameroom during the party. 

I've gotten a little tongue-in-cheek heat from friends in this hobby about scaling back on pinball in our gameroom but watching these clips reinforced to me that I made the right call. Moving away from 'how many more pins can I fit in this room?' and towards, "how can we make this space fun and inviting for a variety of arcade-nostalgia seekers" paid off in a big way!  

For Halloween 2016 we had a great turnout for an outdoor halloween movie and some arcade goodness. :)

We watched Hocus Pocus on the outdoor screen.  There is something just fun and magical about outdoor movies in the cooler fall evenings!

A certain dark-side force user got to stop in for some pinball action to many of our Star-Wars themed guests' excitement!