(Sold, Pending Pickup): Revenge from Mars


I'm selling my RFM... 

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Plays great and super clean / well maintained. Super cool game, the holographic effect is very cool and well integrated into classic pinball gameplay.
Running PRISM but appears to have been upgraded via an upgrade cart.   I believe it belonged to pinsider, "Hilton" at some point, I got it from pinsider, "fuseholder" about a year ago.

Full LEDs
Red candy powder coated legs
Custom figures and other upgrades
Interactive color changing saucer mod from mr pinballz in Europe, extra saucer disks

Cabinet art is really good,

The pin2k glass that is on it is very good.

Just making room for another game / eliminate some theme overlap in my gameroom.
Would trade for an Atari Star Wars Stand Up Arcade or trade plus cash towards a Total Nuclear Annihilation

I'd have to rent a truck to deliver, so delivery isn't available but I work at home and can meet with a shipper / mover if you'd like.  I have an arcade friend that makes frequent trips to the Birmingham area for anyone in that area.


How I came about the game.

I picked up this Revenge from Mars from the Pinsider, "Fuseholder" - who said he had gotten it from Pinsider, Hilton.  Evidently the Prism card had been updated at a show.  The game was in the ChicagoLand area and it cost me extra moving dough with STI / NAVL to get it carried up 34 steps from the basement where it lived.  

I used to own a SW Episode 1 and I recall not really liking the Pin.   I had never really spent much time on RFM until a local friend got one - and after spending some time on the game, I was pretty well smitten with it.  What struck me about the game was that it was a considerably better game of Pinball than the SW Episode 1, which came later.   The cheesy / campy alien theme was a nice compliment to AFM and I remember thinking that I'd probably never be able to own AFM, they were still going for about 8k on the average.   I felt like RFM would be my answer to get the cheesy mars-attacks theme without the crazy 8k price tag.

As I got to know the game, I really learned the appreciate it for other reasons.  The holographic denizens of the game modes, mattered.   The integration with the theme was excellent and the soundtrack, over all, was a trip down Bally-Williams memory lane with reprised voices in callouts and musical nods to other games... Of course, the usual AFM soldier-guy voice but I was delighted to also recognize the "boogie" theme tune from Scared Stiff and some notable voice talent from Medieval Madness.

With RFM in my arsenal, I thought i had my martian-themed pin checkbox, checked.


Why I decided to let it go.

In the summer, as AFM remakes started to ship, I was perusing Pinside and found an original, players-quality AFM for about $4k.   I took the bait and bought the game but had low expectations.   As the game arrived, I was happy to see it cleaned up quite well, had original B/W boards that were free from hacks and the playfield was decent, not so bad as to consider replacing but also had some questionable mylar added by previous owners.

With some parts, a few repairs, a modernization, ColorDMD, Chrome Plating, Mirror Art Blades, my stash of LEDs and a ton of work, AFM turned out better than I expected and quickly became one of my favorite games.  Now, I have two alien-themed games.

My gameroom layout is typically a 60/40 ratio of arcades to pins but at my highest count, I had 9 pinball machines.  I learned, at that time that in order to maintain a proper balance, I personally can own no more than 6 pinballs at any given time. The maintenance time-requirement (much of which is self-imposed), coupled with demands of being dad, hubby, primary earner and primary fixer of all things in my universe all lead to the number 6 as my upper limit, for now anyway. 

With 6 pins, I really have no tolerance for theme duplication so decision time came.  Which of my two martian themed pins gets to stay and which gets to go.  Hard decision because both are great pins but in the end, I think the pure and simple nature of AFM won the day and so my RFM is up for sale to find a new home.

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