Star Wars Day


Star Wars Day...   May the 4th.   You watch (or play) Star Wars on May the 4th and you drink tequila and margaritas on May the 5th.  So it is written.

Be it a marketing gimmick or a meme-turned into a broader cultural reference, today is Star Wars Day.   I think at one time I liked Star Wars more than Arcade & Pinball stuff but I think as time goes on, these things are more equally spaced in the "things I enjoy / am a  fan of."   So, the confluence of Arcade, Pinball and Star Wars? -- Yes please, sign me up!.

Rumors & speculation were that Stern Pinball might announce or tease their upcoming heavily-rumored, not yet fully confirmed Star Wars pinball machine today.   So far, nothing on their social media and a few indications on Pinside & pinball podcasts that it might not be today, after all.   Rumors are that it will be Steve Ritchie game, based on the Original Trilogy (or something across the whole franchise) and that it would have a ball-accelerator mech of some fashion, perhaps like Getaway.

Not saying that I will not be interested in a new Star Wars pinball from Stern but I can say that I'm quite happy with my personally customized Data East Star Wars table, shown here. 

Over the years it looks like I've had a few shenanigans related to Star Wars arcade and pinball machines...  Here's a look back:

My Star Wars Trilogy Ordeal:

I sold my last Data East Star Wars:

I decided to build a Star Wars Battle Pod Clone:

Bought my current Data East Star Wars:

I think for this Star Wars Day, I'll go downstairs after work, drink some Blue Milk, check the status of that Storm Trooper costume that I ordered from last year (that I plan on converting into a static statue - prop for the basement) and play some Pinball and Star Wars X-Wing Mission VR.    :)  

I hope you have a great May/4th as well!