Star Wars Trilogy Pinball (Owner / Overview and Repair Tale)

Star Wars Trilogy Pinball Resurrection

"Hey I found this pinball machine on Craigslist.  It looks like a great deal! Should I buy it?"

Here's a cautionary tale. :)

About 10 months ago, I talked to this guy about 100 miles away that had a Star Wars Trilogy Pinball.   I never saw the machine but had his description and a third party account of the condition.

 We couldn't get together on price, so I walked away.

Last month, perusing Craigslist, I found the machine available for sale. The price listed was considerably less than my last offer, it was for sale by the same guy. 

I called and he didn't recognize me at first.   His situation had changed, and he was hard up for the cash to pay some unexpected bills.  Hey, we've all been there.  

I told him I was interested and pressed for details about the condition of the machine.

"Man, this machine is wrapped up in plastic, that's how it has been for 2 years but let me tell you it is Not Junk!   All it needs is a $2 part and you are off to the races."

I agreed to buy it, arranged to have it brought to me and wrote down on a post-it note $600 in repairs.   :)

Fast forward to today.    
The CPU board was in need of extensive repair,
As was the Power IO Driver board
ROMS were mis-matched
Playfield toys where broken.  
Two bad coils
6 playfield wiring snafus
A broken reed switch
1 Broken Drop Target
Dirt.. Oh My God.. The Dirt and Grime ..
Missing a Starter (Fluorescent)
Bad Ballast (Fluorescent)
The Coin Door Was wrong / Didn't Engage the Interlock 
The Coin Door Had a Huge Hole from some card-based validator
1 Pop Bumper was out
2/3 of the Playfield GI bulbs were out
Stupid Hacks on the Playfield, like Wood Screws used as Stand-Offs

The total invested...

$30 Fluorescent Rebuild Kit
$100 Cointaker LED's 
$15 X-Wing Replacement
$24 TIE Interceptor Spare
$40 2 Coils
$14 New Ball Set
$455 New White Star MPU w/ New ROMS
$95 Repair of Old White Star MPU w/ New ROMS
$399 New Sega/Stern White Star Power Driver
$95 Repair of Old Sega Power Driver 
$12 Reed Switch
$220 New Coin Door and Wiring Harness
.. So we are at $1469 in repairs

minus $320 for selling the Repaired Boards 
..  $1159

So the moral of the story is..   Be sure to be able to test drive a pinball before buying it.   B/c that $2 part the guy mentions it needs, may  just be a load o' crap.

Am I sorry?   Nah.  I had fun fixing the machine, even more fun fixing the machine & ended up trading towards a Tron Legacy Pro. :)