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Pinball in Pelham 4 Plus!

Southern Coin-Op is proud to present Pinball in Pelham 4 PLUS, May 10th and 11th 2019 in Pelham Alabama. The main tournament will be on Saturday May 11th. The PLUS part is an unlimited qualifying style Classics tournament on Friday May 10th with open practice on the rest of the games!

Friday May 10th
Open qualifying from 1PM to 6:30PM on five Classics games. All five games count. Scoring will be 100 pts. for 1st, 90 pts. for 2nd, 85 points for 3rd, then decreasing by 2 points for every place below that. (100,90,85,83,81, etc.) Your total for all five games will determine where you qualify. If we have at least 16 players, the top 8 players will make it to the playoffs. If we have at least 24 players, the top 12 will make the playoffs. The maximum number of players to make the playoffs will be 12, regardless. Playoff format will be 4 player groups with PAPA scoring (4,2,1,0) on 3 games. Top 2 advance from each group.

Cost: $10 entry fee + coin drop. $9 goes to the pot and $1 goes to the IFPA. Cash prizes to the top four players of 40%, 30%, 20%, 10% of the pot. 
In addition, most if not all of the other games will be available for practice on coin drop. Most modern games are $1/game and classics are .50/game. A few EM’s are .25/game. Practice will be available from 1PM until the end of the Classics tourney or approximately 9PM.

Saturday May 11th
This is the PIP format that you know and love! Practice will be available from 8:30-10:00AM Central time. Tourney begins promptly at 10:15am. The format is group matchplay on banks of 3 games. Tournament games will consist of games spanning all eras (Electromechanical through the latest Dot Matrix Display and LCD games). Each bank will consist of a modern game, a mid era game, and a classic game, subject to availability. There will be 6 rounds of 3 games for a total of 18 games played. Scoring will be IFPA (7,5,3,1 in a four player game – 7,4,1 in three player game). Banks chosen are balanced. Grouping is random in the first round and Swiss for every round after that. There are no playoffs, just final point totals after the 6 rounds determines your finishing position.

Cost: $40 entry fee + coin drop. $34 goes to the pot, $5 goes to the operator, $1 goes to the IFPA. Cash prizes to the top 8 players of 38%, 28%, 14%, 7%, 6%, 4%, 2%, 1%. Tie breaking will be automatic by the software based on your number of wins and second places. Any ties after that will be broken by a single game chosen at random.

There will not be any food provided but we will take a 1 hour lunch break after the first or second round. So pack a lunch or go to one of the many places to eat within 5 minutes of Southern Coin-Op. The address for Southern Coin-Op is 108-A Hilltop Business Center Drive, Pelham, Alabama 35124.

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