Red Tent Goodness


Santa's sleigh is indeed red but has more axles than what is depicted in Rudolph: The Red Nosed Reindeer and other holiday classics.   Early Christmas came in spring this year as STI dropped off a new edition to our game room, the Nintendo Red Tent.


For the uninitiated, the Red Tent is the Nintendo VS Dual System in a cocktail table fashion.  The unique side by side, 'you sunk my battleship'-styled monitor layout and distinctive red metal frame earned this unit the moniker, "Red Tent" amongst arcade folks.

The Nintendo VS Dual system contains a single Nintendo main board with two channels on the board, allowing for different games to be played on each side or for the same game to be played against each other.

I bought this Red Tent from Chris @ Arcade Rescue 911 after having an eBay watch agent configured for such things for the last 9 months.   I found them to be super-easy to work with and very reasonable.   

Arcade Rescue 911 on Youtube


STI / NAVL handled shipping, through Beltmann Logistics as the shipping agent.

Michelle Bianchi - Beltmann Integrated Logistics
Addison IL 60101
Toll Free 877-432-2646     Toll Free 800-959-8880
Cell630-344-3093     Fax 866-651-5919


Everything was very well-packaged, arrived exactly on time and in excellent condition. STI can locally vary but I've found our local drivers are pretty good.   One of them in particular, Harry is quite awesome, though this one was delivered by Charles, who doesn't help you move stuff into the house. 


One thing that was unique about this Red Tent from others I've seen is that it had a gun configuration on one side.  It was running VS Freedom Force, originally.


I installed Roms for Hogan's Alley on the gun side.


..and it came with VS Goonies on the other side..

John's Arcade has his usual excellent wealth of info on this system, listing the available games and the PPU / ROM (and optional daughter board) combinations for each game.


Now I just need to find some time from a busy work-schedule to investigate these supposedly-working boards from a different arcade vendor that arrived with issues..