About: Star Trek: The Next Generation

“Holy Pixelation, Batman!”


Manufactured by: Williams Electronic Games, Inc.
Date: November 1993
Type: Solid state
Generation: Williams WPC (DCS)
Release: 11,728 produced
Estimated value: $4160 - $4840
Cabinet: Wide body
Display type: Dot Matrix
Players: 4
Flippers: 3
Ramps: 3
Multiball: 6
Latest software: Unknown


My Ownership Experience w/ STTNG

This is my second time around of owning an STTNG. I think the first time, I ended up selling it to make room in the gameroom and bank account for a Monster Bash. The last one was signed by the cast & was pretty darned sweet. This one, is no slouch, either. It is claimed to have been a HUO at a collector in Pennsylvania before coming to me but they had no documentation of that, so I take that claim with a grain of salt.

I didn’t… actually.. intentionally… seek it out for a second ownership cycle - not exactly anyway. It was a trade situation involving Ghostbusters Premium where I ended up with another STTNG. You are thinking, “Wait, STTNG and Ghostbusters Premium values aren’t really lined up.” Yep! :(

At any rate, I really have history with the STTNG franchise and I think this pin is a pretty cool pin. When Stern released their Star Trek title based on the JJ Abrams movies, the general values of STTNG started to drop from an average of $6500 to the current sub-$5k area. The Stern game is a really good pin, afterall. Unfortunately, the best art packages for the Stern pin are only available from third parties that Stern has lawyered up against and the Pro and Premium are a little too “actors-focused” for my taste. (I also owned a Star Trek Premium for a couple of years.)

In the positive column: STTNG is built like a tank, the art scheme is pretty sweet, it is packed with toys, has a 6-ball multiball and generally is just a fun-to-shoot and impressive pinball machine. In the negative column: It has alot of mechanical complexity that give it a particularly scarring reputation on-route for opto-related maintenance, usually. The outlane geometry is tricky.

Status: For Sale

This is the only pinball that I have right now that I consider “For Sale”. If someone is interested, the price is $5,000, firm. I have my eye on a couple different titles to bring to the game room so I’m more than likely not interested in a trade but - hey it never hurts to ask. You will be at SFGE, I can buy a spot for it on the truck going up from Mobile but aside from that, a potential buyer would be responsible for pick up or shipping. I’d recommend someone like Bob Cunningham or Brett Butler for the move. Our local STI depot isn’t highly regarded.

Ten Minutes with Star Trek: The Next Generation

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