General Pinball Abbreviations

BB Back Box
DMD Dot Matrix Display
EM Electro Mechanical
GI General Illumination
HUO Home Use Only
LE Limited Edition
MPU Main Processor Unit
NIB New In Box
NOS New Old Stock
SDTM Straight Down The Middle
SS Solid State
VUK Vertical Up-Kicker

Common Pinball Machine Abbreviations

Not a complete list but a good start.. 

8BD Eight Ball Deluxe
A13 Apollo 13
AB Airborne
AFM Attack From Mars
AP Austin Powers
BBB Big Bang Bar
BBBB Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball
BBH Big Buck Hunter Pro
BC Bad Cats
BDK Batman Dark Knight
BF Batman Forever
BG Big Guns
BGS The Bally Game Show
BH Black Hole
BK Black Knight
BK2000 Black Knight 2000
BoP The Machine: Bride of Pin*bot
BOPP Bobby Orr Power Play
BR Banzai Run
BR Black Rose
BSD Bram Stoker's Dracula
BTTF Back To The Future
BW Blackwater 100
CBW Cue Ball Wizard
CC Cactus Canyon
CE3K Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind
CF Capt. Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy
CFTBL Creature From The Black Lagoon
CI Coconut Island
CJ Cactus Jack's
CP Checkpoint
CP The Champion Pub
CV Cirqus Voltaire
D&D Dungeons & Dragons
DD Devil's Dare
DD Dr. Dude
DEST Star Trek (Data East)
DH Dirty Harry
DK Dark Knight (Batman)
DM Demolition Man
DW Doctor Who
EATPM Elvira And The Party Monsters
EB Eight Ball
EBC Eight Ball Champ
EBD Eight Ball Deluxe
EBDLE Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition
EK Evil Knievel
ES Earthshaker
ESB The Empire Strikes Back
F-14 F-14 Tomcat
F2K Flight 2000
FB Fireball
FBC Fireball Classic
FG Flash Gordon
FGuy Family Guy
FH Funhouse
FP Fire Power
FS The Flintstones
FT Fish Tales
GI Gilligan's Island
GL Grand Lizard
GMA Good Morning America
GnR Guns N' Roses
GP Grand Prix
GS The Bally Game Show
GW Gold Wings
GZ Godzilla
HD Harley-Davidson
HH Haunted House
HH Hollywood Heat
HMM Heavy Metal Meltdown
HRC High Roller Casino
HS High Speed
HS Hot Shots
HS2 The Getaway: High Speed II
HSII The Getaway: High Speed II
I5 Indianapolis 500
I500 Indianapolis 500
ID4 Independence Day
IJ Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure
IM Iron Man
IM2 Iron Man
JB Jack*Bot
JD Judge Dredd
JM Johnny Mnemonic
JP Jackpot
JP Jurassic Park
JP2 The Lost World: Jurassic Park
JY Junk Yard
KOD King Of Diamonds
LAH Last Action Hero
LCA Lights ... Camera ... Action!
LIS Lost In Space
LOTR Lord Of The Rings
LOTRLE Lord Of The Rings (Limited Edition)
LTBR AC/DC Let There Be Rock (Limited Edition)
LW The Lost World: Jurassic Park
LW3 Lethal Weapon 3
LWJP The Lost World: Jurassic Park
MA Mousin' Around!
MA Mario Andretti
MB Monster Bash
MM Medieval Madness
METLE Metallica (Limited Edition)
MOPLE Metallica Master of Puppets (Limited Edition)
NGG No Good Gophers
POTC Pirates Of The Carribean
POTO Phantom Of The Opera
PZ Party Zone
RCT Roller Coaster Tycoon
RFM Revenge From Mars
RS Road Show
SC Safe Cracker
SG Stargate
SI Space Invaders
SNS Strikes And Spares
SP South Park
SS Scared Stiff
STLE Star Trek (Limited Edition) (Stern)
STTNG Star Trek: The Next Generation
SW Star Wars
SW EP1 Star Wars Episode 1 (Pinball 2000)
SWT Star Wars Trilogy
T2 Terminator 2
T3 Terminator 3
TAF The Addams Family
TAG Thunderbirds Are GO!
TDK The Dark Knight (Batman)
TF Transformers
TFTC Tales From The Crypt
TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
TOM Theatre Of Magic
TOTAN Tales Of The Arabian Nights
TS The Shadow
TSPP The Simpsons Pinball Party
TWD The Walking Dead
TZ Twilight Zone
WCS World Cup Soccer
WDI Who Dunnit
WH20 White Water
WOF Wheel Of Fortune
WOZ Wizard Of Oz
WPT World Poker Tour
WW Whirlwind